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all-day June 2015 Laurel Wilt Conference @ Marriott - Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Springs
June 2015 Laurel Wilt Conference @ Marriott - Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Springs
Jun 16 – Jun 18 all-day
Laurel wilt is one of the most damaging invasive exotic tree diseases to affect forests in North America. Current estimates show that hundreds of millions of trees have died, with multiple significant radiating effects on[...]
all-day Citrus Expo @ Lee Civic Center
Citrus Expo @ Lee Civic Center
Aug 19 – Aug 20 all-day
Citrus Expo, Lee Civic Center, Ft. Myers, Florida  

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Our Activities


CTopics discussed in the Citrus section include development and characteristics of rootstocks, cultivar improvement, insect, disease and weed control, fertilization, irrigation, cultivation and cold protection.


VInformation provided in the Vegetable section includes cultivar characteristics, cultivar selection, cultivar improvement, cultural practices and harvesting methods, and insect, disease and weed control.

Ornamental | Garden | Landscaping

OThe Landscape and Garden section provides information on new plants, cultivars and cultivar selection, landscape design and management. Cultural practices, pest control and conditions for optimal production are discussed.

Handling | Processing

PTopics discussed in the Handling and Processing section include practices that affect postharvest quality, quality and safety issues of lightly processed and processed products, and product, by-product and waste utilization.

Krome Memorial

KThe Krome section provides information on requirements of tropical and subtropical crops in Florida. Topics discussed include cultural practices, harvesting and management of these unique crops.

Natural Resources

NThe Natural Resources section provides information on managing Florida’s natural resources. Topics discussed include soils, water, biofuels, biofertilizer, and may include information related to agronomic crops.